John Scardina regularly plays
music at community events

“John has worked individually with my two children and with our entire family for school guidance and educational psychology testing for four years. John's work has helped our children become more confident and happy in the classroom and at home. His unique style allows children to talk freely. He has provided my husband and me with a forum to talk about our parenting style and how to support our children. I have also participated in John's parenting courses. It has been a wonderful time to learn. John's ability to facilitate relevant conversation is what makes the class successful. John's influence on our children, family and community will last.”

— Parent



John believes in the value of community. His motto may indeed be “small is beautiful": he has lived in small communities all of his adult life and values the face-to-face quality of small town existence. John brings his belief in the value of healthy communities and healthy minds to his work as a coach for children, parents and teachers.

John lived for 23 years in West Chester, Pennsylvania, before moving to City Island in the Bronx. He returns to West Chester once per month to continue working with his clients and schools there. John remains excited to live now on City Island. He teaches sailing in the summer as well as spending much time on the water with family and friends.

John has played music many times at the local Starving Artist Cafe and has recently played at the Obadiah and Friends Coffeehouse in Purchase (NY).

John has a growing counseling practice on City Island. His articles on parenting are a regular feature in the City Island newspaper The Island Current. He is always looking for ways to expand his commitment to this unique island community.    

John loves to share his expertise as a school psychologist, child development specialist, and parent educator. He is a parenting consultant for The Leadership Program as well as the Quaker-in-Residence at Friends Academy in Locust Valley, NY. He serves on the board of the Quaker Bolivia Link and Oakwood Friends School.

John is a trained facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Program and has given AVP workshops in El Salvador, Palestine, and New York. He is constantly working to expand his role as a peacemaker in his community and the world.