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We just celebrated a family member's birthday for the second time during Covid. While it remains hard to accept that we are still in shutdown mode for many of our life activities, she and I are at least blessed now with vaccine immunity and a glimpse of a summer that may be more "normal" than last year. Here's hoping...

As parents (and grandparents) we have continued responsibilities for the young people in our care. We have all experienced pandemic fatigue, have "lost it" in front of family members, and came to realize that teaching school is a more challenging profession than we ever knew.

But - the end is near! How do we handle the meltdowns and exhaustion?

·         Create one-on-one time with each child every day: even 20 minutes playing Uno can be a balm for frazzled nerves and create a re-connection on an emotional level.

·         Keep up the self-care: breathe/get outside/take a moment.

·         Stay reasonable when rules at home or school deadlines might be disregarded by your child. Use this simple A-B-C strategy from play therapy training:       

1)      Acknowledge the feeling that your child is expressing. Remember, feelings are real but they are not the truth. We all need to know that others recognize we have feelings, but remind your child that we are each responsible in the end for our own moods. 

2)     Boundaries are important regarding the choices your child might make. You can say, "If you choose to do this, there will be consequences." Children need boundaries as something to "push against" while growing up, and we as parents are in an ideal position to set those boundaries in our homes.

3)     Consequences are important as natural responses to behavior. We need to  follow through as needed - without emotion whenever possible. That's what happens when we are adults, yes? Remember, getting older is mandatory, but growing up and becoming mature is optional: consequences help us deal with life on life's terms.

·         Remember that this too shall pass. Be grateful for what you have and hug those kids!


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