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     Here's to June, a month to celebrate with our families. Let's focus on three main themes:

·        Father's Day: We men who are blessed enough to be fathers get a special day in June to celebrate. We men also have a special responsibility: to personify positive masculine energy during a time when "toxic masculinity" is plastered across all media. To be a strong, loving, and responsible man (dad or not) is our job, so let's be good role models in our families and our community.

·        Commencement: The word "commence" means to begin: for graduates this is a new chapter in one's life. What challenges will our graduates take up as they move forward, and how can we encourage them? Take time for celebration, take a break for rest and restoration, and then look to what's new and what's next. Begin to prepare for a move to a new school (or even to a new grade) with a goal-setting exercise: what three things are you hoping to accomplish in your new setting? Setting goals early allows time for reflection, change, and commitment. Doors certainly open as we move forward: let's be prepared as we pass through them.

·        Summer: Get outside as much as possible! There is a recent movement - sometimes called "Stay Healthy in Nature Everyday" - that looks to the psychological, physical, and cognitive benefits of being in nature and seeks to declare access to the natural world as a human right. We are blessed with easy access to water and woods - let's be sure each family member spends times outdoors each day. One family I know allows a trade off: one hour of screen time (up to three hours a day) is available for every hour spent playing outdoors.

We are writing our life's story day by day: let's make it a good one!

I recently taped a session of The Dad Club with its host Rob King. Look out for us on the web! 

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