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What Really Matters

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If you are like me, when someone asks "what are your values?" you might answer with a good list of positive attributes.  Simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, service, and stewardship might be on my list - as taught by my faith tradition - and yours might include other values like love, hard work, and compassion.

You can think of your values like a garden to be tended - a place of beauty and abundance when cared for and nurtured. Just as we may bring cut flowers from the garden to brighten our home and vegetables from the garden to feed our family, we can bring the fruits of these values into our daily lives when our "garden of values" is vibrant and thriving.

Lists are easy - we often have little trouble here - but practice can be harder. As we go through our days, it's what we spend time doing that represents our values to the world at large.

Take a moment to look at your schedule for today. Surely some of the time you are attending to basic needs - food, shelter, rest, getting from here to there. Some of the time you are fulfilling your role as a parent/employee/friend/neighbor, clearly places in your day where values come into play. But is there also time when you are also tending your garden of values? A time for reflection, sharing with others, service to the needy, or communing with nature? What works for you to bring energy and life to your garden of values? What sustains you as a person who makes a difference in this world?

Have a quiet moment for reflection and inspiration. Read a story with a child. Spend time with a friend who is struggling. Participate in a local service project. Take a walk in the sunshine. Then your life will speak your values.

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