Servant Leadership

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What is servant leadership?

Robert Greenleaf, A Quaker who had worked in the corporate world (AT&T) for 38 years, came to believe that the primary role of a leader was to serve others. Taking his idea from Hermann Hesse's The Journey to the East, in which the servant Leo turns out to be the leader of a mythical journey, Greenleaf posited the following:

"A servant leader is one whose role is to enhance the well-being of those being served."

Many organizations took up these ideas in revamping how the relationship between employees and the institution took shape:

"The organization exists for the person as much as the person exists for the organization."

Stephen Covey identifies the following core values of a servant leader:

·       Active listening

·       Empathy

·       Healing

·       Awareness

·       Persuasion

·       Conceptualization

·       Foresight

·       Stewardship

·       Commitment to the growth of people

·       Community building

As we work with others, let's try on these principles. Let's also consider teaching servant leadership to students in our schools: how do we mentor this philosophy?


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