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March brings the spring equinox, and hope springs eternal as the earth prepares to bloom once again. As we come out of yet another cold and challenging winter, how do we prepare ourselves and our children for the blessings of spring?

·       Learn: Our life experiences provide valuable lessons, but only if we approach them without defensiveness and shame. Reminding ourselves - and our children - of past mistakes is only useful if that allows us to act better from now on. The most important question to ask yourself or your child after a disappointing event is this: "what will you do differently next time?" Growing old is mandatory, but growing wise is up to us. Be a lifelong learner about yourself and share that process with your children. Socrates said "know thyself" and he was right!

·       Live: Today is all we have. Being present means paying attention to where you are now and what is all around you. Take a break during the day to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Breathe, sit quietly, and let your mind go where it may. Do this with your children too - they begin life with a natural tendency to "be here now" that is gradually lost in all the noise of rushing about, watching television, and video games.

·       Hope: Hope is more than wishful thinking: it is an optimistic faith that everything works out as it should, despite apparent difficulties along the way. Children who are hopeful aspire to their dreams and believe that many things thought to be impossible are attainable through hard work. The alternative to hope is despair, not a welcoming or productive path to travel.

 So as my hero Albert Einstein says, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, and dream for tomorrow."

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