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1.    Make a good effort to be calm and fair when dealing with conflicts. Even impossible situations can have peaceful solutions.

2.   Honesty is everything, and your integrity is priceless.

3.   Humility is not an act of defeat but an act of triumph: you have chosen a greater truth over your own limited self.

4.   When you are wrong, promptly admit it and make amends.

5.   Learn from everyone, not just the "experts." Try to learn something new every day.

6.   Know the difference between "I want" and "I need" and act accordingly.

7.   Deal with people in authority with respect: if you need to state your truth, then begin from a place of mutual respect and common ground.

8.  Expect the best from others: they may surprise you!

9.   In tough situations humor and surprise can help.

10.         Take care of one another: the only spiritual practice we need is loving kindness.

11.Love your Mother Earth and make an effort every day to better this planet.

12.         There is something greater than ourselves running this universe, and we do best when we take care of the things we can take care of and leave the rest to the universe.     

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