Tough Love Quaker Parenting

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Quaker Tough Love Parenting

"The most essential ingredient in raising resilient children is an adult who loves or accepts them unconditionally and holds them to high but reasonable expectations.  High expectations are not about grades or performance.  They are about character - integrity, generosity, empathy and the traits our children will need if they are to contribute to the world."  Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg - Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings, p. 72.  (shared by Bill Morris 2/24/14)

·       Quaker: the testimonies - that of God in every person/simplicity/peace/integrity/community/equality/service/stewardship

·       Tough : we do not make life too easy for our children/helicopter and snowplow parents raise children who cannot deal with life on life's terms

·       Love: unconditional love/the bedrock of self-esteem and identity/acceptance of the whole person and not just the narcissistic reflection of our own hopes and aspirations

·       Parenting:  a verb - to parent/if we do not raise our own children the culture will raise them using an economic set of values rather than a character set of values

·       Goals: reflect on three goals you have for your child and share them with your neighbor

As always it is my pleasure to work with you and your children.

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