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There are basic needs that all of us face: shelter, sustenance, human contact and a sense of security. There are people in our communities who lack these basic needs - people with children like yours and mine - and thus they face a daily struggle for survival.


Mohandas Gandhi's quote is a daily reminder for me of my own well-being and my obligation to share with other. I am also reminded of the work of Abraham Maslow, who created a "hierarchy of needs" pyramid to describe the potential of human development:


Unless the lower levels of the pyramid are maintained on a regular basis, there is little chance for the kinds of success we all envision for our loved ones: stable and loving relationships, achievement in school and work, and the potential to make a change for the better in this world.


As we approach this holiday season, can we share our good fortune with those in need? The ongoing well-being of all people may depend on the good works that one of these challenged children may accomplish when given the simple life gifts of food, shelter, and compassion that you can provide right now. It only makes sense that we take care of one another, doesn't it?


Blessings to all for this holiday season and the New Year.

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