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1.     Smile...a lot:  create a positive environment wherever you go.

2.   Sleep...enough: sleep is necessary for brain growth and optimal learning.

3.   Eat...with your family: research suggests that eating together as a family at least three times a week is the most effective way to prevent substance abuse in our children.

4.   Exercise...often: the best way to promote health and maintain brain function into old age - put down the Sudoku and take a walk!

5.    Look for the positive...always: we create our own reality - want what you get instead of focusing on not getting what you want.

6.   Be grateful...every day: keep those gratitude lists going!

7.    Read...expand your mind: if reading is not your strength, use recorded books, and vary your choices for pleasure and new learning.

8.   Thank...your teachers: we all have teachers, and not just when we are in school - let people know how they enhance your life by showing you how to live well.

9.   Love...instead of fear: some see this as the fundamental choice we make in how we live our lives.

10.          Remember that life is a journey, not a race: Take a breath - or two or three - and just sit there a moment...notice the beauty around you...then go out and make the world a better place.

Blessings to all.


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