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In Meeting for Worship this past Sunday (First Day, in Quaker parlance) at  Purchase Monthly Meeting there were several messages concerning George Fox's simple prescription for life:

"Walk cheerfully over the earth, speaking to that of God in every person"

While most of the time I emphasize the latter portion of this sentence - honoring the Divine in each of us, so aptly summed up in the Hindu phrase Namaste ("the godliness in me honors the godliness in you")  -  several speakers focused instead on the cheerfulness Fox implores us to embrace. Having just had a cranky morning at home, I am in awe of this challenge: you want me to be a cheerful part of this planet? What about those times when I am just too negative to be around?

In the Christian tradition there is even a more challenging request. Jesus said you should "love your enemies; do good to those who hate you; bless those who curse you; and pray for those who treat you badly." (Luke 6:27-29) A tall order, no?

Well, in these tumultuous times (presidential election politics, economic uncertainty, strife and torment in many parts of the globe) here are two ideas that might bear some fruit. Can we be cheerful and loving with one another?   And can we pray for those who do harm, not to enable their wrongheaded actions but instead to invoke their own godliness within?

Seeking progress and not perfection, I propose that we go forward on this path to implement what the Dalai Lama calls simple "loving kindness." May we increasingly find ways to support one other in our communities.


Namaste - Teacher John


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