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"Let your life speak" gets at the heart of Quakerism as an experiential faith: we strive to live what we believe and do as we say. Each one of us may be challenged by a particular testimony - simplicity comes to mind for me - yet we move forward, without judgment of one another's sincere efforts, to embrace the belief that our relationship with the Spirit is immediate and immanent in our daily lives.

So what does each of us do to embrace a "call to action"? It can be as simple as this: change one thing in your life:

·         Pick one area you would like to improve and brainstorm ideas for change.

·         Be humble and simple in your choices: small steps can lead to big results.

·         Pick something you will do ("purchase more Fair Trade items") rather than something you will stop doing ("stop eating sweets").

·         Make a simple plan to remind yourself of this new endeavor (a note on the fridge, a daily message on your phone, a gentle nudge from a family member).

·         Go "public" with your plan: we do better when others know of our efforts to make changes in our lives.

·         Bounce back from slips and have a sense of humor about yourself and how hard it is to create change in our lives!

John Dewey said that the goal of education is "to build a world." We can strive every day to create the tools that will enable each of us to become architects of a world that embraces all beings with love and compassion. Blessings on your efforts!


Teacher John Scardina

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