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Friends - here's the handout from my workshop at the New York City Association for the Education of Young Children Conference 2010 on October 16th:

• Welcome/Introductions/Ground Rules ( confidentiality, no judgment,
      right to pass, stay with the program, push yourself)
• Emotional Intelligence versus Cognitive Intelligence (EQ vs. IQ)
• Naming Feelings:
     a) "Feelings" card game
     b) Feelings chart with faces
     c) Hand signals/check‐in
• Managing Feelings:
     a) Feelings thermometer
     b) 1‐to‐10 scale: what would make you feel better?
     c) Tantrum/Good Deed Book
• Developing Relationships (parallel vs. shared play):
     a) "You can't say you can't play"
     b) Best Friend versus Classmate/Sharing with everyone
     c) Praise game
• Solving Conflicts:
     a) Peace Rose/Peace Table/Talking Stick
     b) Attack the problem not the person
     c) "What will I do differently next time?"
• Developing Optimism:
     a) Gratitude list
     b) Imagining positive solutions
     c) Allow for natural consequences to build resilience
• Closure
     It is my privilege to work with each of you.

Dear Friends,

           We had a small but attentive parent group tonight at the mindfulness training session. We discovered that simple moments of focused attention - to breathing, to eating, to the natural world, and to our own active imagination - can bring a sense of serenity and a heightened awareness to our often hectic lives. It also tunes our children's brains to the present and provides an opportunity for learning that is quite effective in the classroom.

          Take a moment each day to simply breathe consciously. Eat a raisin or an apple or a section of orange slowly and deliberately, sensing all of the wonder of this taste explosion in your mouth. Spend quiet time with your child in nature, not directing the activity but simply observing what is.

          The universe is always there for us - our children still know this intuitively, and we can certainly recapture that magic of living fully in the moment.

           For those of you who like more intellectual reasons to be mindful, check out John Kabat-Zinn's Full Catastrophe Living - it just might change your life.


In peace,
Teacher John

Join an ongoing and free-wheeling discussion of the joys and pains of parenting led by Teacher John (parent, grandparent, school psychologist, parent educator). Learn to stop yelling, get what you want from your family life, and create opportunities for your children to become responsible, loving, and independent.  Eight sessions - once per month - from 7:30 til 9:00 PM at the City Island Community Center (190 Fordham Street). $20.00 per session. Contact John Scardina @ 718-885-9305 or through his website www.ThinkLaughLearn.com.


Dates: Monday, October 18th

            Tuesday, November 16th

            Wednesday, December 15th

            Thursday, January 20th

Tuesday, February 15th

Monday, March 14th

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I have been blessed by the opportunity to work with the Friends Academy community as the QIR. My goal is to bring support, insight, and presence to an already thriving school community, helping to guide the day-to-day life of the school by an active example of Quaker practice. This might involve all of the following: singing with the Lower School at Gathering; teaching simple techniques for centering in Meeting for Worship; helping to plan a Middle School Quaker wedding reenactment; talking to the Upper School Quakerism class about my own Quaker practice; helping faculty members find ways to include worship sharing in their advisory groups.

A Friends school is not just another good independent school - it is a manifestation of what William Penn said of Philadelphia and the colony of Pennsylvania: a "Holy Experiment" in community living that is spirit-centered. The Quaker commitment to education is grounded in the principle of continuing revelation: human development, like spiritual truth, is an unfolding process toward Truth and Light. We believe that children "grow into goodness" with the proper guidance and nurture. Even in the midst of a very material culture we believe that a spirit-led life can lead to right thinking and good choices.

I look forward to more opportunities to meet with each of you and share our experiences in the education of these wonderful students. Please feel free to schedule a time to see me - I do have e-mail at the school - and also feel free to check out my own website (www.ThinkLaughLearn.com) for a broader picture of what else I am doing these days.


In peace,

Teacher John Scardina   

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