How To Better Communicate With Your Child

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Here's a handout from my recent Bronx Community College series:

1)    Welcome and Introductions

2)    Ground Rules: confidentiality/no judgment/right to pass/stay with the program/push yourself

3)    Goals exercise: what would we like our child to be like in ten years?

4)    Communication: verbal/facial/body/attitude

5)    Keys to success:

a)     Making eye contact

b)    Maintaining an open body stance

c)     Listening more than talking

d)    Taking responsibility for our feelings

6)    Tools for Success:

a)     Say it in a word

b)    Reflect back what you hear

c)     Use the Sandwich Technique: praise/critique/hope

7)    Comfort and Caring: talking about real issues of communication in our families

8)    Closure


Parenting is the hardest job many of us will ever do, yet it can also be the most important and the most rewarding...It is my privilege to work with you.



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