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Love and Logic Parenting

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Dear Friends,

     It's February and the Valentines are being made in the classrooms to express the love in our families. Now is a good time to talk about love in the context of parenting our children: specifically, how can we use both love and logic in our families?

     I am referring to the Parenting with Love and Logic program developed by Jim Fay and Foster Cline. This program suggests that we can parent best as consultant parents who shares messages of worth and strength with our children as we let them own the problems they encounter, as opposed to helicopter parents who hover over them and rescue them from life's challenges and drill sergeant parents who demand what we want and try to control our children's lives. The message is that responsibility must be learned through appropriate consequences, surrounded in unconditional love and an appreciation for the skills our children already possess to deal with life on life's terms.

     I will be offering a make-up parenting talk on love and logic parenting next week (e-mail me for details) using Skype (internet video conferencing). You are invited to the conference room in the West Chester Friends library building to chat with me as I am projected onto the wall screen while sitting in my home on City Island in NYC.  I am looking forward to it, indeed!

     It remains my privilege to work with you and your children.

In peace,

Teacher John




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